Kenneth Leaf | Views of the Sutro Baths
Views of the Sutro Baths

The Sutro Baths were an aquatic park in San Francisco. The park was first opened in 1896 by Aldolph Sutro, a wealthy entrepeneur and one time mayor of the city. The site was a popular attraction for residents and tourists for many decades. The Sutro Baths closed in 1966 and it's structures burned in a fire a short time later leaving only the concrete foundations of the pools.

I have been photographing at this site since 1995. I work in moonlight using large format film cameras to capture the images on film. Working in this dim light, the apertures are opened and light slowly strikes the film. These exposure times are often longer than an hour. The effects of passing time are revealed on the film. The repetitive pulse of waves crashing, lights from passing ships, airplanes and stars when exposed for these lenghts of time appear as mist on the water and rays of light. Working at this site has been a quiet and meditative experience that I will always treasure!

I have made an edition of 25 archival pigment prints of these images. The image size is 16x20". please contact me through this site for more information.

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Kenneth Leaf